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Chapter history:
Beta-delta is one of the sub chapters of ALPHA KAPPA RHO international Humanitarian Service Fraternity and sorority which is located at St. Jude Acres Bulacao,Cebu City it was on December 16,2004 they organized the chapter by 13 founding members from different chapters of ALPHA KAPPA RHO in Cebu.But sad to say only 5 of them are doing their duties and responsibilities in organizing the chapters namely they are Brod.Ulrich Chua (labangon chapt.) Joseph Garces (labangon chapt.) Brod Ian Alcover(labangon chapt.) Marlon Deparainie (bulacao chapt.) Bryan Andrade (mambaling chapt.).they organized the chapter in order to render thier services in the community where the chapter belong and one of their main goal is to help St.Jude Acres in Bulacao a beautiful and peaceful place to live in the near future and for the next generation to come.It only started with 5 die hard akp members who work so hard.But today BETA-DELTA chapter has more than 50 members and its still growing and growing.

ALPHA KAPPA RHO is doing its best to train and promote a good quality of members to become a good leaders in our country today.So if your looking for a good leadership training organization you come for the right name ALPHA KAPPA RHO.

List of chapter members:
1. Ulrich Chua                           35. Baldwin Abendan
2. Marlon Deparinie                 36. Richard Abendan
3. Joseph Garces                     37. Jundel Dungog
4. Bryan Andradi                      38.Nicolas Padernal JR.
5. Ian Alcover                            39. Peter Arnado 
6. Jimlloyd Abayon                 40. Jefrey Altamera 
7. Ronil Abasolo                      41. Jonathan Flores           
8. Jay maron Abayon             42. Rodel Dejito    
9. Harley Hisola                       43. Augustin Abendan       
10. Jhon ray Bunabuesta     44. Julymar Montebon
11. Don2x Pestanio                45. Jonathan flores
12. Jay maroon Abayon
13. Carlo Cempron
14. Gino Cempron
15. Andik Cempron
16. Martin dino
17. Mark Dino
18. Emma lanza
19. Samnike Nicolas
20. Farrel tabaloc
21. Jobert Gorlit 
22. Jerryl Cayacap  
23. Jebril Montebon  
24. Melvin Gumapon   
25. John Cole      
26. Mark lester natad  
27. Fervin Fresillis    
28. Noel Aryas    
29. Victor Estanero  
30. Dante Varga
31. Fidel Armohalyas
32. Eugene Pantilao
33. Carlo Ocampo
34. Harold Ranara